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collabeeration 5k

CollaBEERation 5k & Brew Fest this Saturday

What do a candy bar, a slice of pepperoni pizza, extra cheese on your burger, a margarita all have in common? Well, they’re all things people might consider a treat well-earned after a hard workout or a good run. Here in Boulder, though, we love our beer, and a crisp, tasty

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Boulder's Dine n' Dash is back!

Spring Tune-Up Time: Boulder’s Dash N’ Dine 5k Series

Thermal leggings have been traded in for gym shorts, long-sleeve undershirts have been shed, and beanies and ear warmers have been swapped for sunglasses and copious amounts of sunscreen. Spring is here in Boulder! While this change of seasons will still likely mean sporadic springtime weather and, let’s face it,

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pearl izumi fun run boulder louisville

Run (or walk) to Louisville for the Pearl Izumi/Upslope Fun Run Today

Our neighbors over in Louisville have got it goin’ on more than Stacey’s Mom. If you miss the reference, hit up Google. With their quaint downtown and easy access to all that is the Boulder Valley outdoors, Louisville’s a fine destination for Boulderites to escape juuuuuuust outside the bubble AND

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cold weather workouts boulder

Chilly-Weather Workouts: Safety tips for exercising in the cold

As the days get shorter and temperatures drop during the colder months—so can your motivation to exercise and spend time outside. Just because bears hibernate when it gets chilly doesn’t mean it has to be in your nature.  Here are some noteworthy tips from CU cross country coach Heather Burroughs to

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boulder trail running

Your Boulder Fall [Mostly Trail] Running Calendar

There’s no better time than the Fall to hit the trails in Boulder. Cool mornings and blue afternoons with some dirt beneath your feet is a religious experience. At the very least, it’s free therapy. Here are some great trail races and training runs (one that includes beer drinking) in

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