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Boulder Burlesque Show: The Cottontail Capers at 303 Vodka

boulder burlesque cottontail capers

Boulder burlesque anyone? Mmmmmm…Maybe you can’t help it but to stop what you’re doing on a Sunday afternoon when you happen to be channel surfing and you see “Burlesque” with Cher and Christina Aguilera pop on the screen. You turn up the volume, kick the living room rug out of the way, and suddenly, you’re entertaining a career transition to a sassy yet somewhat clothed temptress — sleeping by day, rocking it out by night.

Just me? OK. Just me. Awkward.

Regardless of your future career ambitions, there’s another Boulder burlesque show coming on the 26th of this month. Handily enough, it’s just over at Boulder’s own 303 Vodka (so it’s stumbling distance for many of you). You won’t want to miss the Cottontail Capers — and tickets are on sale right now. Oh, and we should mention that it’s a “specific attire required” kind of event, so if you’re not feelin’ sexaaaaay, this might not be where you need to be on the 26th.

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Easter in Boulder: A Healthier Way to Celebrate

eastereggsAre you ready for a better-than-average Boulder Easter? We are! Whether you’re a regular at your church, a “holiday” Christian, or just someone who likes celebrating a day with a bunny who somehow lays eggs (Cadbury – holler!), Easter can be a fun festival to celebrate with kids.

Contrary to popular belief, it does not have to be a free-for-all hunt with toddlers being guided to eggs by helicopter parents and a candyfest that results in four-year-olds sporting chocolate stained mouths and the glazed over look that only a sugar high produces.

You can have a fun, all-natural, laid back Boulder Easter that even a mythical egg-laying bunny would certainly give his seal of approval. Hey, we’re Boulder. Less is more — and delicious. Here are a few tips to create a very Boulder Easter of your own, and definitely share-worthy for your friends beyond the Boulder County line.

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Boulder County Farmers’ Market is OPEN!

boulder county farmers market

This means that spring is really here, right? No more freak snow. No more icy sidewalks unless your son just happened to have dropped a popsicle.

It’s official: the Boulder County Farmers’ Market is OPEN for 2014! And yeah, we missed the grand opening by a few weeks (we’ve been traveling, writing about BBQ…you know, important stuff). But if you missed it like we did, it’s time to grab those reusable shopping totes and head on down this Saturday to the Boulder County Farmers Market. There’s good gettin’ to be gotten and it’s just the beginning of the season.

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Boulder Fast Casual: Convenient Food That’s Anything but Junk

Fast Casual Food in BoulderIt’s Boulder — where do you eat (and fast) when you’re in a rush? You want to skip the fake food-in-a-box places but you’re willing to get out of the car and sit if it means healthy, delicious, AND fast. Well, it’s time for a Boulder fast casual joint.

With Hapa Sushi announcing that they have plans to open up a fast-casual sushi joint called Motomaki at the Twenty Ninth Street Mall this summer, Boulder adds another gourmet restaurant to its fast-casual repertoire.

For so long, people associated fast-casual food with convenient, but not quite healthy food options. Places like Chipotle, Noodles, and Buffalo Wild Wings sprout up all over the country and, well, we love them because they give us pretty good food for a decent price and we don’t have to wait for it. And waiting for food is the worst thing ever.

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Boulder BBQ: Finger Lickin’ Good

BBQ in BoulderY’all love it when we talk food here, so we decided to revisit the Boulder BBQ scene — prime spring and summer fare. Summer means more outdoor activities in Boulder. More hiking, climbing, camping, and get togethers in backyards.

One of the quintessential foods of summer (for me, at least) is barbecue. However, I typically don’t have the patience to slow cook pork all day nor do I have a smoker to make the perfect brisket. Hence, I must rely on others to supply me with mouth-watering barbecue goodness. Here’s a gander at some of the Boulder BBQ joints I’ve taken a fancy to — and maybe they’re among your favorites as well.

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Better Crowdfunding for Boulder Causes – Learn How

boulder causes crowdfunding

Boulder is at no shortage of people and the causes they support. I’d venture to say that we’re one of the most altruistically and philanthropically-inclined communities I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of as well. What’s always at a shortage, however, is funding to keep those pet causes flush and moving forward.

With the rise in popularity of crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, it’s easier than ever for causes and grassroots startups to find their fans and get the funding they need for forward movement. Or, is it? Since the large majority of crowdfunding projects fail, there might be some keys to those successful campaigns. I’m thinking that it would be better to be in the minority in this case — successfully funded campaigns — than the majority.

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Boulder Events: Celebrate Innovation Through Creativity at Communikey Festival

cmky2014Boulder events — we have everything from tech to family to culture and arts. They all weave together to make our community rich — and busy! Here’s a new one for you: Communikey.

No, that’s not a typo. It’s Communikey, not community; but much of the organization’s principles are rooted in community. It aims to bring cultural experiences to the Boulder community (and beyond) by mixing sound, design and technology in artistic forms and their big annual festival is this weekend from April 10th through the 13th.

The event features workshops and smaller happenings around town, but first, you’ll want to go the CMKY HQ (eTown Hall, 1535 Spruce Street) to pick up your pass for the weekend. If you don’t already have a pass, no need to fret, you can still get it online.

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Free Cone Day at Boulder Ben & Jerry’s

free cone day boulder co ben and jerrys

Folks, it’s time to get your cone on. Your FREE cone, that is. It’s Free Cone Day at the Boulder Ben & Jerry’s location on Pearl Street today!

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Boulder Food Culture: Quinn Popcorn is Popping Up Healthier Snacks

Quinn PopcornBoulder food culture is amazing. So what do you need to know about Quinn Popcorn in Boulder? Everything.

Kristy loves popcorn. It was one of her favorite easy-to-make healthy snacks. But when her doctor told her to avoid it during her pregnancy due to the synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients in the chemical laden bag (not to mention the popcorn itself), she was heartbroken and set out on a mission to make microwaveable popcorn as healthy as it should be.

Kristy and her husband, Coulter, began Quinn Popcorn in 2010 in the attic right after Kristy gave birth to their son, Quinn (now you now where the name comes from). Kristy began reaching out to organic farmers and non-GMO food producers in order to create popcorn that was truly all natural.

Coulter, with a background in engineering, began to work on a microwave bag that didn’t have any chemical coatings, so that it was entirely safe to pop those tasty little kernels.

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Boulder Book Store Hosts Passover Story Time

boulder book store seder

Passover 2014 begins April 14th and extends through the evening of Tuesday, April 22. For those unfamiliar with this event on the Jewish calendar, it’s a period of celebration recognizing the liberation of Israelites from Egyptian slavery.

Also known as Pesach, the term “Passover” comes from the mark of lambs blood that Jews put on the doors of their homes as the Lord passed over their homes as he was slaying first born Egyptian children. Those who observe Passover refrain from consuming all leavened grain products and related foods during this time.

While this might sound a bit…morbid…for those who are non-observant or simply not interested in Jewish culture or the history of Passover, it’s a powerful (and major) celebration for those of Jewish faith — and even many in Christian cultures as well.

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