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This Weekend in Boulder: July 25-27

July 25-27It’s Friday and thank goodness for that! This weekend proves, once again, that Boulder is a wealth of fun activities, no matter where your interests lie. Of course, if you’re looking for good music, there’s an abundance from large venues like the Fox Theatre to coffee shops all around town.

There are a couple of interesting astronomy events this weekend, as well as some fun social hikes. If you’re interested in learning more about fishing or landscaping, this is the weekend to do it. Looking to freshen up those twerking skills? There’s a workshop for that as well. Let’s get out and about, Boulder!
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Write for Your Boulder: A Call for Local Yokels

write for

Here at Your Boulder, we do a pretty good job of covering events and the big issues facing the city as a whole. But we know we can do better.

Wanna be a part of Your Boulder doing better? We thought you might!

Your Boulder is looking for regular contributors for the site. Hey, that just might be you.

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Rock and Rails, Every Thursday in Niwot

niwot rock and rails boulder

Hey — Niwot is STILL in the Boulder Bubble! We all know the Diagonal Highway (though not as cool and weird as Diagon Alley), so why not hop in it and head up to Rock and Rails on Thursday evenings this summer for something cool, fun, and new to do?

The concert series continues on Thursday evenings until late August and it’s got a word that area folks will love attached to it: FREE. Just shimmy your way down to Niwot’s Whistle Stop Park (at the corner of 1st and Murray) and parktake in the sweet jams.

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Boulder Local Jane Miller Knows How to Sleep Her Way…er, Rise to the Top

boulder jane miller

I’ve never worked in corporate America. And every work environment I’ve ever been in has had a power differential that has swayed dramatically in women’s favor. But I have spent years listening to my friends enumerate the many challenges they face at work, describe horrible bosses, and recount less than pleasing communications with co-workers. In the past I’ve just been able to listen and nod. Now I can hand them the new book by Jane Miller, “Sleep Your Way to the Top* (And Other Myths About Business Success)”.

This book is a fun and easy read that’s packed with useful information to help you get to the top without having to do anything unmentionable to get there.

Recently I sat down with Jane to learn more about the book and her goal of getting it in the hands of every 22- to 30-year-old out there.

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Boulder’s Firefly Handmade Summer Market — This Weekend

firefly boulder summer market

Feelin’ crafty? Yeah, you are. That’s why you should be heading down to Boulder’s Firefly Handmade Summer Market this weekend. The best part? It’s super easy to get to — just get on over to the 29th Street Mall and get crafty.

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This Weekend in Boulder: July 18-20

July18-20Hey guys and gals. I know most of you have never met me, so you won’t know what I’m talking about when I say I’m doing my happy dance as I write this article (imagine a robot that hasn’t been properly oiled for 35 years and is just being powered on for the first time in ten years; it’s not exactly a pretty sight).

This weekend, not only does Open Arts Fest take over the Pearl Street Mall, there are two beer festivals/celebrations, a band named Gasoline Lollipops is performing, and there’s a show on Friday comprised entirely of performing cats. Not jazz hands CATS, but actual felines on stage.

Also, I got to include a Star Wars reference, which made my day.

Take a look at what Boulder has in store for you this weekend. Feel free to try more than one event; there are plenty to choose from.
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Adorable Boulder Raccoons Need Your Help. Can We Count on You?

boulder raccoons

What’s cuter than a raccoon in a plastic wading pool? Four raccoons in a plastic wading pool! No, make that five … no, now that’s six … let’s just say there’s a lot of raccoons in this pool, and leave it at that.

Take a look for yourself in the video below, and then make sure to read the rest of this post. These Boulder raccoons (74 in all, if you thrive on specificity like I do) need your help.

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Meet a Boulder Startup: FG Press

boulder startup fg press

Boulder is ripe with startups, there’s no argument there. Today, we’re introducing you to FG Press, a startup dedicated to helping authors the world over regain control of the publishing world – one book at a time.

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Boulder Leading Pro-Gay Marriage Stance in Colorado

boulder gay marriage

I’m calling it like I see it: we have legalized weed, but we haven’t expanded marriage to all who want such a union. Nice work, Colorado. 19 states plus Washington, D.C. have legalized gay marriage, yet here Boulder is, trapped in a heated (and quite national) debate. I find this ironic as we can get as high as we want to support public schools, but we draw the line at gay marriage.

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“All Four Stars” from Local Boulder Author at Boulder Book Store this Week


Tara Daiman boulder book store all four stars

As a young girl, I remember tales of Nancy Drew and life’s most awkward moments as told by Judy Blume. I grew up with books and still love books more than…well, most anything except living a great story. This week, local Boulder author Tara Dairman has a new book for young adults launching. Hop on down to the Boulder Book Store for the release of “All Four Stars” this Thursday for a family-friendly and FREE event.

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