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Back to School: A Freshman’s Guide to Boulder

I know this makes me sound like an old lady, but it seems like school starts back up earlier and earlier with every passing year. Or maybe it’s because I don’t go to school, so seasons don’t really mean much to me except for defining my wardrobe choices. However, just

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5 peak boulder traverse boulder hiking

Cross This Off Your Bucket List: The 5-Peak Boulder Traverse

Fourteeners, schmourteeners. As it turns out, the most epic summer hike is right here in our own backyard. In this hyper-athletic town, where it seems as though everything’s been done before, there is one challenge that has yet to be overdone: The 5-Peak Boulder Traverse. Sometimes called the Sanitasobo, the

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Boulder Camping: Weekend Getaways are Easy Around Here

Now that all the hullaballoo about Memorial Day in Boulder has simmered down, we can focus on the important stuff, and that is that it is camping season up in this mountain range! Every summer, I swear that I’m going to make it up camping at least once a month

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About Your Boulder

A Your Boulder Subscriber Giveaway: Trek Light Gear

Boulder’s full of gear hounds. I should know — I’m one of them. If you’ve ever felt as if REI should hold their Garage Sale events…in your garage…you’re picking up what I’m putting down. Boulder-based Trek Light Gear is ready to feed your inner gear hound with the best in

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Get Outside With These Boulder Outdoor Meetup Groups

Are you new to Boulder and a fan of everything outdoors? If so, you might want to delve into the Boulder outdoor meetup group scene.  There’s every interest imaginable represented and if you’re new to town, you won’t be for long! Boulder’s outdoor meetup groups are fantastic ways for new

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